Dresden Files Philadelphia: A Plan is Formed

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The Story

The next day, PJ, Percy, Debra, and Boop-Boop all met in Bartram Gardens, Boop-Boop’s home. They each discussed what they had learned and compared notes, all coming to the same terrifying conclusion: that the Black Court vampires had to be stopped, and that they would have to do it. They needed help, though.

PJ called the nightclub Babylon and set up a meeting for that night with Gerhardt von Manschafft, the leader of the city’s White court vampires. Gerhardt was influential and often had valuable information, and PJ had a good working relationship with him.

The group decided that they’d leave and wait for the meeting time, then they’d all meet at Babylon. As they were leaving the Gardens, though, they were confronted by five men with guns in the parking lot. The men were a mis-matched lot; some wore business attire, others casual clothing, and one looked like a homeless man. They all, however, had expressions of vacant, incoherent rage on their faces, and they moved to attack.

Percy reacted quickly, darting for the car in the hopes of getting it closer to the group, so they could escape. PJ, wanting to protect Debra, ran for one of the thugs, wrested the gun from his hand, and knocked him out with the but of the gun. Debra followed Percy’s lead and ran for the car, running to the driver’s seat; she was the better driver of the two.

While this was happening, the thugs fired off a few rounds at Debra and PJ; both were grazed, but not seriously injured. Boop-Boop reacted by casting faerie magic, surrounding two of the thugs in an airless bubble that caused them to pass out.

PJ, enraged by the thug who had shot at Debra, turned and fired his newly acquired gun, killing the man. Debra and Percy, in the car, drove straight at the remaining thug, colliding with him and knocking him out cold.

The group started investigating their fallen foes, finding that most of them had identification and money, but that there didn’t seem to be any link between the two. They took the guns, bound the thugs, and dropped one of them in the trunk for later questioning. Then they got in the car and sped off as sirens approached.

The group split up after that. Debra went back to campus, accompanied by Boop-Boop, to get medical attention for her bullet graze. Percy and PJ drove the car to a warehouse owned by Maximillian so that they could question the thug.

In the warehouse, they discovered that the thug was unlikely to talk to them. He screamed in rage, but said nothing; it was likely that he was a Renfield, a thrall of the Black Court whose mind had been shattered so utterly that he was no longer capable of coherent thought. Percy put the man out of his misery, then asked Maximillian to dispose of the body. Maximillian agreed, telling Percy that he would owe a favor for it.

That night, the group went to Babylon to speak to Gerhardt. Gerhardt was very forthcoming and helpful, which was somewhat worrying to the group. He confirmed their theories about the Black Court, and told them how to disrupt the ritual that the vampires would no doubt be performing on midnight on Halloween. He also offered to lend the assistance of two of his associates, a pair of White Court twins, to help manage the Black Court’s mortal muscle.

In return, though, he asked the group for a favor. Papa Leroy, a houngan information broker working out of a bar called Wormdaddy’s, was manipulating the biker gang known as the Warlocks into taking territory from the Pagans motorcycle gang. This territory happened to have a high concentration of out-of-order phone booths, used to access random magical information. If the group could convince Leroy to back off of the turf war, Gerhardt would help them.

Having few options, the group agreed.

The Game

We had our first fight toward the end of the session, and it was educating. FATE combat is pretty fast-paced, and doesn’t take a long time; that fight took maybe ten minutes of real time to adjudicate. It is, however, potentially very deadly; guns are no joke in this game.

We also discovered that the magic system takes a little getting used to. Once we’ve used it a fair bit, I’m sure it’ll be come second nature; however, at the moment, it requires a lot of referring to charts and slowing the action down, which is unfortunate.

All in all, this session was a rousing success. It was fun for everyone, and required very little prep work on my part. I’m a big fan of DFRPG, and FATE in general.

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