An Interview with Jenn Steen

Who are you and what do you do in the industry?

Hi! My name is Jenn. I’m the game designer for Project Ninja Panda Taco and I host my own gaming podcast called the Jennisodes.

Tell me about the Jennisodes.

Jennisodes started about a year and a half ago after Trapcast ended, a previous podcast with myself and 3 friends. I wanted to keep talking about gaming and being able to reach others with my thoughts and ideas. I decided to do interviews so I could talk to a ton of designers and gamers. I started out speaking with indie game designers but soon branched out to include artists, graphic designers, comic books, video games and editors. I love getting to talk to all my guests and finding out what they are doing in the gaming community.

Tell me about Project Ninja Panda Taco.

Project Ninja Panda Taco is a collaborative story telling game where you play a Mastermind taking over the world and a Minion who loves to help. During play your Mastermind character tries to complete a zany three step plan. You are also trying to stop the other Masterminds’ plans by acting as a Nemesis. Only one Mastermind will rule the world though so you need to convince the Minions to help you.

When you aren’t playing your Mastermind you play your Minion character. As a Minion you get fancy toolbelt items you can use to help the other Masterminds. At the end of the game the Minion with the most toolbelt items is awarded his very own Mastermind pin. In the next game that Minion can try to take over the world as a Mastermind!

What has been your favorite part about making Project Ninja Panda Taco?

My favorite part about the game is the artwork that is being done by Brian Patterson. The characters he has created so far evoke the super crazy and fun feeling I want from the game. I can’t wait to see the final product as it is going to look amazing. I also love playing the game and I can’t wait to run it at DexCon and GenCon this year.

What was the hardest part about making the game?

The hardest part about making the game was learning how to write the rules so that others could understand them. Writing hasn’t been my strong suit so I had a lot to learn. I’m really glad I’ve had such an amazing editor, John Adamus, to help me out. It was very rewarding to finish writing and get two thumbs up! All the hard work has been totally worth it.

Where should people go if they want to help Project NPT get published?

People can find out more at the Project Ninja Panda Taco Kickstarter page and at the website.

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