My DexCon Schedule

Now that the DexCon schedule is out, I thought I’d post my schedule.


9am – 1pm: I’ll be running my Alien vs. Jedi Fate hack. It’s a dry heat.

1pm – 2pm: Grabbing a quick bite somewhere before the next game.

2pm – 8pm: I’ll be participating in the Night’s Black Agents tournament. Dirk Debonaire and I will be trying to win that $1000. You’re going down, Connery!

8pm – 12am: Gorging myself on delicious New Jersey Mexican food, in all likelihood.


12am – 4am: I’m going to be running a playtest of The Demolished Ones. This one’s the least likely to get filled because of the time slot, so stop by if you’re interested!

4am – 8am: Catching a few winks and lamenting that I’m getting too old for this shit in my best Danny Glover voice.

8am – 10am: Shower, breakfast, etc.

10am – 2pm: I’m going to run a Becoming quest, “Long Live the King”.

2pm onward: driving home and recovering from a long weekend of gaming debauchery.

I’m getting too old for this shit.

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