Why Edition Wars?

Edition warring confounds me to some extent.

I can understand the desire to spread the word about a game you like. I can even understand the desire to express your discontent about a given game. What I don’t understand are people who are so vocal — and so vitriolic about it — that it seems like their own sense of self-worth is bound up in someone else’s opinion about Game A or Edition B.

So I’m honestly asking the question here: why do people get so entrenched in edition warring? What’s the appeal?

4 thoughts on “Why Edition Wars?”

  1. Would love to get an answer to this one too.

    My guess is that people see things (products they like) as expressions of themselves, and so therefore try to defend and promote them accordingly, particularly when they feel they’re under attack or threatened. Basically, they make it personal. Shrug.

  2. The problem is that Edition Wars tend to take that to an extreme. It’s fine to identify with a particular game or edition and want to evangelize for it, but so many of these conversations devolve into shouting matches about how the other side is stupid and wrong for liking what they like. If you have a strong opinion, great. But your opinion doesn’t make mine invalid, and both should be respected.

  3. Agreed. That is the making it personal part. Once people make it personal and someone insults their game, it’s like a perceived personal attack, rather than a critique of a product. Which leads to what you’re talking about. And I think that may be an “internet” thing more than an “edition wars” thing. The anonymity and all lack of accountability allowing ones normally well-chained nastiness to run wild so to speak.
    Also, immaturity.

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