DexCon ’12

So DexCon was a lot of fun, if exhausting. I got there pretty early on Saturday and got to hang out with some people before registration opened and I went and got my badge and the stuff I needed to run my first game.

At 9am I ran my Alien vs. Jedi Fate hack to a full group of six people, and it was a rousing success. I had planned for a lot of internal conflict (after all, the group consisted of two jedi, two sith, and two bounty hunters), and I certainly got it. I actually had to remind the group from time to time that there were threats to deal with other than each other (hostile aliens gathering people up for implantation and incubation, a hull breach, life support about to go down; that kind of stuff).

In the end, everyone got away but all of the NPCs aboard the station were left to their fate, the sith made off with information about the aliens, and one of the bounty hunters escaped with a live specimen. Oh, and both of the jedi had been somewhat corrupted by the Dark Side (especially the young hotshot padawan). Not exactly a banner day for the Republic.

After that I played in the Night’s Black Agents tournament, which was both deadly and fun. Our group (the Americans) played in an adventure called “Die Hard in an Italian Hotel with Vampires”. Our job was to make sure a political press talk went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, vampires and giant spiders happened, killing lots of people and almost setting off a bomb that would have infected everyone with a communicable pathogen. Five of us were in the game, one survived to the next round. I didn’t wind up winning any prize money, but I had a great time and came away with a high opinion of the game.

After that I got to have dinner and drinks with John Adamus and Ken Hite, which was a lot of fun. I had a game at midnight, so there was plenty of time to hang out. More and more people joined the group as the evening wore on, and we ended up with a pretty big crowd by the time I had to leave and run The Demolished Ones.

That game almost didn’t happen. For a while it was just myself and John Adamus sitting in the room, and I didn’t feel it would be worth it to run a playtest for one person. However, someone else showed up as we were about to call it quits, and that allowed us to play (and drink good rum) until about 2:30am. It went well. There were a few problems that I’ll need to iron out, but the basic gameplay worked, and the on-the-fly character generation was good.

The next morning I got up early(ish) so that I could go run Becoming. Unfortunately, that was not in the cards. Only my friend Irven showed up and, since I needed at least two more people to run the game, I had to cancel the playtest.

It wasn’t a total loss, though; I sat in on John Adamus’s writing workshop (which was great) and stuck around afterward to talk to a bunch of the people who participated about gaming and writing and design and how to get your stuff out there (which was also great). It was a good endcap to the convention.

Oh, and I got to have lunch with my wife’s college roommate, which was also fun. Good convention, all in all.

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