GenCon Day 3: ENnies Edition

This one’s gonna be short because it’s 2:30am and I need some goddamn sleep. I have to get this out though (brain ferrets).


Not the one I thought I would. The one I thought I had a chance of winning was for Bulldogs!, which did not win (though Galileo did win an award, a Judge’s Choice Award for Shelter in Place. No, the award I won was because of my association with Evil Hat. There’s this thing called the Fan Best Publisher Award, and Evil Hat took second place (behind Paizo, naturally; take a shot everybody). Because I work for the Hat (and do a LOT of work for the Hat), that includes me. I wasn’t sure of this initially so I didn’t go up on stage. After the fact though, Amanda Valentine told me that I totally should have because that award is as much mine as it is theirs.

Also, they gave me the plaque and the medal to take a picture with. Here it is:


I also may have secured some podcast appearances and I ran Bulldogs! and played in a game of Apocalypse World but in case you hadn’t heard I WON AN ENNIE.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Brain ferret exorcized.

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