Becoming is a game about what you must sacrifice to be a hero. Taking on the mantle of the hero makes you an outcast. In order to save the things you love, you must lose them. When you complete your quest will you still be a hero? Or have you become something else?

In more specifically defined terms, becoming is a role-playing story game about what it costs you to be a hero. It’s played with one Hero character and three members of the Chorus. The Hero has a quest to complete, but the Chorus puts obstacles in her way. Often these obstacles cannot be overcome without help, so the Hero must bargain with the Chorus for aid, giving up parts of herself in the process.

You can find Becoming on DriveThru.

You can find more information on Becoming at the official site.

Cover image by Christopher Barley.

2 thoughts on “Becoming”

  1. Becoming looks incredible. I recently watched the Q&A and “actual play” videos, and I’m a little disappointed that I missed the kickstarter. I’m certainly going to be picking this up when it comes out. One question though: what is the significance of “althomai” on the cover? I get that greek flavor text fits well with the art style and the hero/chorus dynamic, but why was that particular word used?

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