Wild Blue

Wild Blue started out as a Fate/Cortex+ mashup hack, but when I got the opportunity to turn it into one of the official settings for Fate Core, I jumped at it. It’s one of the stretch goal rewards for the Kickstarter now (and it was unlocked pretty early on), so if you back the Kickstarter (or have backed it) for at least $10, you’ll get a copy.

As to what it is, it’s a wild west superhero game with some fantasy elements. It’s about keeping the peace in a frontier land that’s both steeped in magic and full of actively hostile beings. It’s about finding your place in the world, taking up the gun, learning to use your superhuman abilities, and facing down the threats arrayed against your people.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wild Blue’s development, from inception to present, this page collects any post I write about it. Enjoy.

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